Adami Aguirre

Missionary Profile

Ministry Focus

Adami seeks to see the kingdom of God extended on earth, bringing hope of a new life to college students, that they bear fruit of a life in Christ and thus reach others.

Along with Campus Ambassadors in the universities of Hermosillo, the focus is to spend time with students, making new connections and building relationships and a community that shows Jesus and where they can be transformed.

Faith Story

Adami was born into a Christian family, her entire childhood and adolescence were involved in the ministry to which her parents had been called. When she was in high school, God moved her to experience faith in a personal way and share it with others. Thus, the process of change began in her life. On one occasion, at a camp, they talked about the spiritual need in the world and evangelistic missionaries, and there God spoke to her and she knew she had to respond. From that moment on, she began the search for a specific ministry.

Along the way, her thoughts and ideas changed again and again, but there was a starting point in her direction. When she was in university, she encountered the Field Ambassadors group, where she was greatly transformed by God, through the guidance of the leaders. It awakened a longing in her heart, a desire to see fruit in the lives of other people, and she fell in love with what God was doing in the university community; God surprised her, and unexpectedly placed her to work at the university where she had studied. There, she was deeply touched by the spiritual need that university students experience.

The moment came when she knew that God had given her the direction she had been looking for for years, and now all that was left was for her to respond with love to reach the university students.


Adami is the daughter of Lourdes Andrade and Arturo Aguirre (who rests in heaven), faithful missionaries to God. She has three siblings.

Currently, she is engaged to Mibzar Martinez. She loves to sing and learn new things. She greatly enjoys deep conversations and getting to know new cultures and people.


She studied Clinical Chemical Biology at the University of Sonora in Hermosillo, Mexico.




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