Paul and Salwa Ameen

United States

Service Area: Specialized Ministries

Role: Islamic Apologetics

Ministry Focus

Almost five years after having accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, Paul was concerned with how others would hear the truth about Christ. Many have questions and no sound answers, so he began answering questions regarding the Christian faith and began confronting Islamic propaganda and its lies about Christ Jesus and the Bible.

He presented the truth of Christ with love, revealing the agenda of political Islam for Christian and western society.

The vision was simple but entailed several facets such as:
A. Student Ministry, Interception – receiving students from Muslim countries and getting to know them “even though it may be dangerous sometimes” and trying to get them involved with the American Christian community before they are received by the Muslim Student Association, equipping American and non-Muslim students (Christians) against Islamic propaganda, and rescuing the deceived (especially females) from the trap of Islam and its ideology;
B. Teaching Christian Apologetics; and
C. Proclaiming the Gospel of Christ to all.

In 1999 Paul heard someone calling for prayer for God to open the 10/40 window to His Word. He decided that these closed countries, and especially the 1.5 billion Muslims, could be reached in some creative ways now. He began using Internet chat rooms and conferencing tools and groups, later using satellite TV, to reach out to the Islamic world.

He is now seen around the globe, teaching apologetics in response to Muslim questions and claims, on campuses and via public debates.

Faith Story

Born and raised as a Muslim in Egypt, firstborn of the imam of the mosque, trained to be a Muslim evangelist, Paul’s life was interrupted by the Lord in 1997 and he converted to Christianity.

Salwa was born in Egypt into a traditional Christian family, and accepted the Lord as her Savior at a Christian conference while in the fourth grade. Her faith grew as she relied on Christ through prayer for everything. Salwa has a burden for Jewish and Muslim women.

Paul was called to ministry in 2002 after learning about many people who didn’t know how to share their faith. After hearing a wonderful sermon about not being selfish and sharing the Good News with your family, friends and neighbors, he started becoming active in evangelism in New York City.

After some training in Colorado, Paul went on TV, proclaiming his faith in Christ to all Arabic-speaking viewers around the world.


Paul and Salwa were married in 2006 and have two children.


Ministry Training at Horizons International Center in Boulder, Colorado
Biblical Studies at DaySpring Center for Christian Education in Boulder, Colorado