Mottel and Deborah Baleston

United States

Service Area: Specialized Ministries

Ministry Focus

In our day there has been a surge of Jewish people coming to faith in Jesus as their Jewish Messiah and Savior. They have a continuing affection for Jewish life and culture, while at the same time affirming Jesus as Lord and Messiah. The Baleston family of New Jersey is typical of this movement within the Jewish community.

Mottel was born into a Jewish home in Brooklyn, New York and attended Jewish and public schools there. All four of his grandparents were born into Orthodox Jewish homes in Eastern Europe at the turn of the century.

Mottel is the Director of the Messengers Messianic Jewish Outreach of New Jersey, a ministry of Missions Door. Messengers carries on a work of sharing Messiah Jesus within the Jewish community and leading people to faith. There are over a quarter million Jewish people in the northern New Jersey area.

The ministry has experienced active opposition. Educating Christians concerning the Hebrew roots of faith in Messiah and communicating with Jewish friends is also part of their work.

Mottel is a graduate of Northeastern Bible College and has done extensive study and course work at Biblical Theological Seminary of Pennsylvania and Ulpan Beit HaAm of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

The Balestons have been used by the Lord to lead many Jewish people to faith in Messiah Jesus. Many other new Jewish believers have been discipled through the fellowships and Bible studies they have conducted. Many of these Jewish believers are now serving in local churches.

Over the last decade Mottel was privileged to baptize fourteen Jewish believers. In addition to his work with Messengers, Mottel served as the interim Pastor of a Messiah Congregation in New Jersey for several years. He has spoken at churches and taught at conferences in Israel, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and throughout the United States.

Faith Story

Mottel came to faith in Messiah as a result of a search for spiritual truth. After a careful reading of the Messianic prophecies of the Jewish Bible, it was evident to him that only Jesus had fulfilled these. Mottel was led to faith by Vincent Morgan, another Missions Door missionary. Mottel’s story of coming to faith is available in books and online video.

Deborah was also born in Brooklyn, into a Sephardic Jewish family which had come to America from the Middle East two generations earlier. For several years she attended an Orthodox Jewish Yeshiva (Day School) in New York. She came to faith in Messiah Jesus also through an examination of the Jewish Bible prophecies shown to her by Vincent Morgan.