Sophie Borgstahl

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Ministry Focus

On campus, most everyone is hiding; they could be loud or quiet, seen or unseen, but everyone puts on a costume. Perhaps not intentionally, but a costume is donned because many people seek validation and acceptance from people rather than God to secure their identity. Students crave to be fully known and loved—and no one knows, loves, or cares for us like Jesus. Our mission on campus is to invite young adults to realize the goodness of God, and that life, love, truth, and identity are in Christ. Truth is a funny thing on campus. “What’s true for you may not be true for me,” is a common thought. Students often stray away from absolutes and have become comfortable living in a blurry “you do you” reality. Truth has become relative to the individual, and therefore the objective standard of truth is lost. But God’s truth is steadfast and reliable. In His truth there is peace, and in Him we can fully rest. This is another integral piece of the ministry at Western Oregon University: inviting young adults to come rest in God’s kingdom, where the truth is not subject to change.

Faith Story

Sophia was fortunate to grow up in the church, and so became acquainted with the Gospel from an early age. God has blessed her with a family who loves and follows the Lord, which she regards as a beautiful inheritance she wouldn’t trade for anything. Previously mentioned was the concept of "costumes." Sophia was well-acquainted with wearing various "costumes" before she surrendered her life to Christ. Her costumes were the “perfectly capable,” “funny” and “innocent girl.” While there is nothing wrong with these qualities in themselves, Sophia had previously used them to cover up her authentic, raw, and broken-hearted self. Prior to Christ, her identity had been misplaced in seeking validation and acceptance from people rather than God. Hearing her Heavenly Father speak the truth and love over her changed everything. She no longer is thrown by the whims and ways of this world but is rooted in Christ. God has showered Sophia with love and joy so that she may share this hope she found with the world! Campus Ambassadors is where He has currently planted her, to invite peers to come taste and see the Kingdom of God.


Sophia has completed two short schools (Discipleship Training School, and an arts school called Summer Programs) with Youth With A Mission at the Lakeside, MT base. She is currently a Junior at Western Oregon University, and earning her bachelor’s degree in English while doing ministry.




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Ministry service area:
Campus Ambassadors

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Oregon, United States of America