Devynn Brankel

Missionary Profile

Ministry Focus

Devynn was appointed with the Mission as a field minister with Damascus Road Church in Tucson, Arizona in 2019. She serves the community in many aspects, but her favorite of these is being the leader of underclassmen ministry. For the last two years, Devynn has hosted a Bible study in her apartment, sharing her space and love with young people in a specific season of exploring God and His character. She also has the opportunity to mentor other women in the church. Additionally, Devynn serves on the Damascus Road teaching team, worship team, and creative planning team. In this new chapter, Devynn is excited to see how God will continue shaping her life, using her to advance His kingdom of redemption.

Faith Story

When Devynn started college, she had no idea what God had planned or how much He would change her heart. Through her school years, she learned that God is so close, always wanting to reveal Himself. Devynn grew more tender-hearted, compassionate, and brave. She says, “Each part of myself that I have surrendered to God, He has turned into something healthy and beautiful.”


Devynn graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in International Relations in December of 2018.




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