Matthieu Caron

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Matthieu serves as executive director of the French Speaking Biblical Counseling Foundation (FSBC). The mission of FSBC is to train biblical counseling in the French Church, especially in French Canada, Switzerland, French Belgium and French Africa. We understand biblical counseling as the private one on one ministry of the Scriptures. In short, we believe that all believers should encourage each other with the Scriptures. There is a need for professional biblical counselors who are trained to walk alongside hurting people. The website of the FSBC is

Faith Story

Matthieu grew up in a believing family in French Speaking Canada and experienced Christian conversion at a young age. He served as a bivocational pastor in a Baptist Church in French Canada for many years. In 2006-2007, in the midst of a dark season personally, Matthieu decided to take a biblical counseling class with David Powlison at the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF) in order to get biblical encouragement and biblical guidance. This was a very transformational experience and led him into his work at FSBC.


Matthieu has a doctorate in Chiropractic for the University of Trois-Rivières. He also graduated from CCEF with 3 certificates in Biblical counseling. He is completing a masters of divinity at RTS Jackson.




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