Elias Castellanos

Ministry Focus

For twenty years, Elias has been the pastor of the Baptist Church Jehovah–his refuge, as he calls it. They proclaim the Gospel in their communities, minister to them with provisions, and install water filters to take care of their health. Ten years ago, God allowed them to meet Compassion International, who supports the church’s children. In the local church they have a CDI-Center for Integral Development, which is called “Champions of the King.” They minister to them in the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical areas. These children belong to families who are at risk due to extreme poverty. Their houses are made of cardboard and recycled material. These families live on less than a dollar a day. Elias’s ministry has 300 boys and girls who belong to the program. They consistently give medical check-ups to the children and provide food and school equipment as much as their resources allow.


God allowed Elias and Marina to marry in 1999. Elias says that Marina has been the perfect help for his life, as she has always been alongside him working with great passion in the Lord’s work and taking care of their two children, Stephanie and Elias Josue.