Elizabeth Cernoia


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

Since Elizabeth became a Christian her passions have focused on teaching and discipling in a variety of capacities, sometimes administratively, sometimes one-on-one, and many times everything in between.

She has lived first-hand the deficit of a faith that lacks a solid foundation on the Word and has desired to “stand in the gap” for others.

After becoming a widow in 2009, she found her future changed completely. Confronted with much brokenness she looked around her life for hope, for value, and for purpose. Elizabeth understood in a fresh way the words the hymnist wrote, “the things of earth will grow strangely dim” – only God and His kingdom would suffice.

As she continued to seek God’s direction she was often reminded of what she loved, times where she had found fulfillment and ways she had been able to use the gifts that God gave her. This drew her towards youth discipleship and, after investigating several different avenues, eventually she came to find a home with Campus Ambassadors as a part-time campus minister.

Elizabeth has been able to see God’s hand in the ministry from the very beginning. Ready to go wherever God called her, she was amazed to learn that Campus Ambassadors had been invited to start a Bible study at Fitchburg State University, only fifteen minutes from her home!

It has been thrilling for Elizabeth to be able to be in on the ground level of a new ministry for herself and for Campus Ambassadors.

Faith Story

Elizabeth grew up in California. She was eager to embrace all life had, and left home at 17 to pursue love and fortune on her own.

Although she accepted God’s mercy and grace at age 19, she never embraced a life-changing relationship with Him. With no Christians in her life, she didn’t understand the importance of church, the message of the Bible, or the significance of the fact that a life given to Christ should reflect His character.

Eventually, about five years later, she was surrounded by Christian fellowship, disciplers and teachers and the exciting journey of truly walking with God began.

After completing her military commitment, Elizabeth moved to Boston to finish college. Once there she married the most amazing man she had ever met. Over the course of sixteen years they had two sons, lived life passionately, laughed often, and served side-by-side in any way God opened the doors (children’s ministry, radio and TV, event planning, Bible studies, etc.).

Although Pete’s short illness and subsequent death rocked Elizabeth’s life to the core, God has opened new avenues for her to continue working for His kingdom.


Elizabeth continues to home school Dylan, and Micah is in college. They are surrounded by great Christian friends who have come alongside as family.


B.S. in MIS from Northeastern
Elizabeth is currently enrolled at Liberty University working on her Masters in Discipleship.