Edwin and Liz Colon

United States

Service Area: City

Role: Recovery House of Worship

Ministry Focus

In September 2001 Edwin and Elizabeth were appointed by Missions Door as urban church planters in Brooklyn, New York, the fourth largest city in the United States. Since their appointment, God has moved in the Colons’ ministry in ways they never could have imagined or anticipated.

Along with Ray Ramos, Edwin has launched a church planting movement in New York City. Appointed by Missions Door just days before the 9/11 attack, they joyfully share that “God has taken our growing church plant and fused us with the oldest Baptist church in Brooklyn to become The New Baptist Temple.”

Ed and Ray pastor the New Baptist Temple as a team and have outreach opportunities that most churches don’t: to the homeless, to the hungry, to the addicted, and to others rejected by society. All people know they’re welcome inside this house of God.

Faith Story

Sex, drugs, licentious living – are words that only begin to describe Edwin’s life before Christ. After years of membership in a 12-Step program, Edwin remained abstinent but found himself empty still. He explored Buddhism and New Age philosophies but didn’t know truth until he found Christ in 1995.

Alcoholic parents raised Liz, the youngest of seven children. Attendance at Catholic school had little effect on her. She, like her husband, knew nothing of God. Liz observed Edwin’s example of a changed life and soon joined him in the Christian walk. After a while, the Lord put it on their hearts to start a home Bible study. The goal was to encourage fellow 12-steppers to find a relationship with Him.

The group eventually outgrew their home, bringing the study to various other spaces. Edwin attended the New York School of the Bible, under the teaching of Miguel Valentin, then a Missions Door church planter.


Edwin and Elizabeth were married in 1999 and have four children: Edwin, Serenity, Grace and Lydia, and David, whom they are in the process of adopting.