Chris and Barb Deemer


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

Chris says, “As a college student, I was open to so many things that really were dead ends. I am so glad my friend Ben shared Christ with me and that Campus Ambassadors was there, too.”

After Ben died in Chris’ senior year, it became clear that God called him to bring the Gospel to others on campus, just as Ben had with him.

“Think about it, the natural science faculty says there is no God and we are just machines. Secular social sciences say Christianity is one of the main things wrong with the world and that it belongs in the past. The humanities claim that any voice is legitimate, especially if it defies traditional values. Add the pressure of the party scene and that spells trouble.”

In spite of this, the secular campus is a great mission field Christians cannot ignore. With good leadership, Christian students thrive as they grow in Christ and reach out to their peers with the Gospel.

Faith Story

Chris grew up in a loving home where, “We went to church on Sundays, prayed before meals, but didn’t talk about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Deep in the psychedelic counterculture in college, Chris found the Lord through the witness of a friend. Soon he joined Campus Ambassadors and their host church.


In 1976, after graduation and an internship, Chris and Barbara were married and moved to Oneonta to direct a Campus Ambassadors ministry there. They have five children: Karen, Mark, Ruth, Eric and Lisa.