Peter Eklund


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

God has called Peter to work with college students in the upstate New York town called Oneonta. Oneonta is home to two college campuses (State University of New York and Hartwick College).

Peter knows how pivotal these few years in college can be for a person. This is when students really find themselves. No longer living with parents brings a degree of freedom as well as a desire for authenticity when it comes to life experience.

This gives Christians a great opportunity to meet students right where they are. As they seek answers to the meaning of life the church can introduce the absolute fulfillment of truth that is in Christ.

Faith Story

Peter grew up in the church and encountered the grace of Christ when he was teenager in his church youth group. It was also in youth group when he realized he was destined to work as a leader and called to ministry.

After high school, Peter went to a discipleship training program called Masters Commission, where he received the call to ministry.

There were many experiences and encounters that made him who he is today. If it weren’t for the years he spent in the program he would not have discovered his passion to teach and work with college students.

One of his greatest joys is being able to share the life-changing experience of the Gospel and the Author of Life with everyone he encounters. He does this by sharing his heart, but also his life as he gives people opportunity to become comfortable around someone who loves God.

As Saint Francis said, “Preach always and seldom use words.” Peter tries to live this out while he ministers.


Peter grew up in the area in which he serves. This allows him to be around his family including his parents and siblings. Both his parents love God, and so do his two sisters and brother. His brother was hugely influential in his spiritual life since he was the youth leader in his church growing up. Peter is very close to his family and is blessed to be around them.