Antonio and Florentina Escobar

Ministry Focus

Pastor Antonio Escobar was born in Cabañas, Honduras, where he grew up with his parents and eleven brothers. Antonio lived with his family on the border near El Salvador, and because of the civil war in that country, his family moved to a safer area. They moved towards the Lenca community of San Isidro when he was five years old.

Currently his ministry is focused on planting churches in the mountains of Honduras, among the Lencas Indians. He wants to develop local leaders in each community and that they may grow future leaders. Pastor Antonio and Florentina also work with young people and children in the church communities.

God has given Pastor Antonio the privilege of planting two new churches so far and right now he is starting a new one in the community of San José Opatoro. His vision is that each Lenca village has a Christian church.

Faith Story

Pastor Antonio met Jesus as his Savior in 2010. He started serving the Lord in the local church and then went to the Lenca Bible Institute. He was ordained as a minister in 2017, now has a great interest in preaching the Gospel of Jesus.


Pastor Antonio married Florentina on March 13, 1999. They are parents of 4 children: Joshua Antonio, Heber Noah, Fanny Dariela, and Erik Ariel.


Pastor Antonio graduated from the Lenca Bible Institute in 2015 with a degree in Biblical Studies and Theology.