William and Ruth Evaristo


Service Area: International

Ministry Focus

William began his studies in 2003 at the School of Missions of the Bible Baptist Church “The Condor” where he was part of a mission team whose primary ministry was to plant new churches. Later he was commissioned to work as a pastor at Bible Baptist Church of Anta, where he helped plant and minister at new churches.

After studying at the Baptist Theological Seminary in Monterrico in 2009, he served at the Resurrection Baptist Church as pastor.

In April 2012 God called him to plant a new church in the community of Ventanilla called Callao, a community near Lima, which is a place with many financial and spiritual needs. Even in the midst of many trials God shows His faithfulness every day.

During his time in this ministry God showed William the importance of not only helping the poor with their material needs, but also blessing them by sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

William was appointed by Missions Door in July 2013 as their first missionary to Peru. He will continue planting the new church at Ventanilla and developing social projects in the community.

Faith Story

William accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord at the age of 20 during an evangelistic campaign held in the Bible Baptist Church of Ingenieria. He decided to dedicate his life to serve the Lord a few months after his conversion. He was baptized in 1999.

Ruth gave her life to the Lord in 1985 at the age of 4. Her mother shared the Gospel with her and she was baptized in 1992.


William married Ruth in June 2004 and they have 3 children: Abigail, Andres and Esteban.


School of Missions
Monterrico Baptist Theological Seminary