Gina DeMartino

Missionary Profile

Ministry Focus

Gina joined Campus Ambassadors during her sophomore year at Fitchburg State. The team quickly became family, helping her grow a closer relationship with Christ. Gina hopes to work on the Worcester State campus to impact college students' lives through community and show them the love of Christ while sharing the Gospel. In addition, Gina is a Nurse and hopes to carry this ministry to her patients.  

Faith Story

Gina grew up in a Christian home with many examples of strong faithful Christians in her life. She accepted Christ at a young age and was baptized in 2015 surrounded by her campus ambassadors family. It was joining Campus Ambassadors in college that helped Gina realize she needed to build her own personal relationship with Christ for herself and to pursue Christ daily in all aspects of life.


Gina graduated Fitchburg state in 2017, and is a Registered Nurse BSN.




    Gina by making a financial donation using a Credit Card or by Direct Debit (ACH). 

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Ministry service area:
Campus Ambassadors

Ministry location:
Massachusetts, USA