Lupita Gonzalez

Missionary Profile

Ministry Focus

Lupita was appointed to work with youth and children at Berea Christian College in Santo Domingo. She teaches the Bible, has a developing youth club, and trains other Sunday School teachers. She also helps with children's evangelism in various communities where new churches are being planted. Lupita has a great desire to serve the Lord in the mission field. God has worked in her life to help her mature spiritually and learn to depend more on Him. For her, knowing the Lord is equal to a loving relationship with a person.

Faith Story

Lupita was born in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. She began attending church with her mother when she was five years old, along with her six older siblings. But it was not until she was a teenager that she finally embraced Jesus as her personal Savior. In 2000, she graduated from high school in Nogales, Mexico. After graduation, she continued on to receive theological training at Seminario Bautista de Nogales (SEBANO), an affiliated seminary of Missions Door. While attending church, Lupita heard many testimonies of missionaries who were impacting people's lives, and it sparked her interest in missions. During her time in seminary, she asked the Lord to shape her life in a special way if her calling was to serve Him through missions. Lupita has served the Lord in her local church as a children's teacher, youth leader, summer Bible school director, adult Sunday School teacher, and youth mission trip leader. In November 2004, Lupita received an invitation to go on a vision trip to the Dominican Republic, and it was there that God confirmed her conviction to serve Him as a missionary. Lupita was first appointed in 2005 and served as a missionary for seven years in the Dominican Republic. In 2013, she decided to return to Mexico and began her university studies. She pursued a degree in English with the vision to serve the Lord in missions. In March of 2022, Lupita was appointed again by Missions Door to give continuity to the work she was previously doing at Berea Christian College in Santo Domingo and in the churches that are part of Ministerios Bendición.




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Learn more about where this ministry happens

A vibrant country with colonial history embraces joyful celebrations that outshine the obstacles

The Dominican Republic is quintessentially Caribbean, and the most popular of the islands for tourists to enjoy palm-waving beaches, waterfalls, whale watching and more.

The country’s capital, Santo Domingo, also boasts the oldest European city, with an ornate cathedral as old as the 16th century and architecture marking La Ciudad Colonial's continual history ever since.

In the midst of the beautiful landscape, roughly a third of Dominicans live below the poverty line, or half of all Dominican children. Energy shortages are common.

But in spite of challenging economic conditions, Dominicans celebrate life through year-round fiestas patronales and vibrant music and dance. It hasn't taken long for the rapid beats of merengue to spread from the Dominican's shores to capture hearts around the world.

Your partnership with Missions Door extends social outreach, leadership development and church planting in the Dominican Republic.

Cultural Snapshots

Dominicans have a special passion for baseball. Many professional players go on to join the United States' major leagues.

Faith Fact

Evangelical Protestantism and its emphasis on family values has become increasingly popular among low-income Dominicans, whose family structures are commonly unstable.

Country Profile

Population: 10 million

Major Religions: 95% Catholic

Languages: Spanish (official)

Literacy: 90%

Poverty: 34%



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, Dominican Republic