Jeff and Teresa Harris


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Role: Campus Area Director - Northwest

Ministry Focus

Both Jeff and Teresa were involved in Campus Ambassadors ministry as students at Oregon State University in Corvallis. Both graduated in 1980, and that same year Jeff was appointed a Campus Ambassadors Intern at OSU.

“More than ever we feel that the secular college campus is a great field for ministry,” says Jeff. “People from around the world are coming to our doorstep, speaking our language, and seeking to understand our culture as they get an education here.

“Young people, many away from home for the first extended time, are making decisions that will affect and help shape the rest of their lives. Christian students who desire to grow and serve Christ have great opportunity to reach their peers in ways that they will never have again.

“Other Christian students need encouragement as they face opposition to their faith in the forms of atheistic teaching in the classroom and permissive living in the dorm. Many students with no religious background or exposure to Christianity are seeking something real in life.

“What a ripe field! (John 4:35) We are excited to be on the campus with the opportunity to be ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Faith Story

Jeff accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior around the age of 10 through the teaching at church and various summer camps.


Jeff and Teresa were married in 1982, and later that year Jeff became director of the Oregon State University ministry. They have three daughters: Laura, Kate and Amy.


M.A. in Campus Ministry