John and Tiana Iruoje


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

John, also known as OJ, is an artist and teacher at heart passionately serving with Campus Ambassadors. He serves in full-time ministry at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. His passion for mentoring and discipling fuels his calling to build leaders for Christ on college campuses. He loves to see students succeed as he builds meaningful relationships and inspires true self-discovery through pointing them to Christ.

OJ loves meeting, interacting and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and sharing Christ through creative discussion. Being hands on and innovative, he is interested in initiatives and service opportunities that provide spiritual, educational, professional and social experiences for the students he connects with. He strives to encourage a holistic approach to mentoring and serving, and encourages students to explore local and global service opportunities ranging from child/youth missions to public and medical programs. OJ also occasionally teaches college courses as a part-time instructor and loves to apply biblical principles in his teaching.

Outside of work, OJ enjoys traveling, especially with his family. He enjoys opening his home to students to offer a fun and welcoming space for fellowship together. Music is another one of OJ’s passions, especially in worship as an instrumentalist for the worship team or with a local band.

Tiana loves working with young college students in Student Affairs at Indiana University. She often has conversations with students about their faith and spiritual journey, and is gifted at connecting with and encouraging students. She also loves using her talents for scrapbooking and jewelry making to bless others, and enjoys inviting people over for dinner, cooking both American and Nigerian dishes.

Faith Story

OJ committed his life to Christ when he was 20 and Tiana, having strong Christian influences from her aunt as a child, rededicated her life to the Lord in her later 20s. OJ previously served with Campus Ambassadors while pursuing a graduate program at Worcester State University in Worcester, Massachusetts. He experienced how his creativity could become a ministry to share the love of Christ among the students he was attending school with. From this experience and others, OJ developed a desire to pursue ministry as a Campus Minister and make a difference in the lives of students.


John and Tiana were married in 2006, and are parents to three children, Daniel, Caleb, and Ruth.