Nelson and Consuelo Juarez

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Ministry Focus

Nelson's life-changing commitment to the Lord happened in Belize. He teamed up with N.T. Dellinger to start churches. From an early age, Nelson developed a love for music. He learned to play the guitar and sang with Odir, his brother, to thousands of people in crusades in El Salvador. As part of a team, one of Nelson's first ministries was directing worship. Now back in El Salvador, Nelson has trained a talented music group and is in the process of multiplying this ministry in other churches. The music ministry, blended with Evangelism Explosion and Grupos de Amor en Accion (Groups of Love in Action), have become tools that God has used to develop four churches in El Salvador. Nelson and Consuelo have a vision of planting churches. The strategy is to make disciples following the model of Jesus. The congregation in Chalchuapa has provided leaders who have been sent out to establish ministries in: Los Cedros, El Refugio, Porvenir, Amate Blanco (church and school), San Salvador, San Marcos, Comalapa and Aguilares, and a rehabilitation center in San Luis. They are also working with Training of a Million Leaders in Latin America. Nelson and Consuelo are serving in Belize fulfilling needs there. The Juarez family waits expectantly on God to see what He will do in a new area of Santa Ana. Nelson testifies of God's grace reaching him and sustaining him in every need as an effective pastor and church planter.

Faith Story

"No way I'll ever be a pastor. I grew up in a pastor's home and didn't like it. It's not for me." But God has a sense of humor. Today, Nelson is a pastor. His children are growing up in the home of a pastor. Consuelo grew up in Belize, and after accepting Jesus as her Savior she became an active member of La Iglesia Bautista in Belize City. She felt a great compassion for the lost and was one of the first active members of Evangelism Explosion. In 1990, Nelson was running from God. He left El Salvador and went to Belize where he met Consuelo.




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