Bob and Janet Lehman

United States

Service Area: Specialized Ministries

Role: Mission Recharge

Ministry Focus

With over 40 years of ministry experience, Bob and Janet have worked in nearly every aspect of pastoral and missional ministry. Bob has served as a Lead Pastor, Chaplain, Church Planter and Ministry Director for Missions Door.  In addition to planting two churches, most recently he planted Arizona Hills Community Church in North Phoenix, which is now in its 18th year of serving its community.

Janet has been with Bob every step of the way, leading ministries and walking with people through both the good and the bad. Together, Bob and Janet decided to retire from the vocational pastorate in order to focus on mentoring and encouraging church leaders who themselves need a pastor to turn to. Specifically, the Lehmans have felt called to provide support and encouragement to pastors, and this new venture brings them back to Missions Door!

The ministry is called, Mission Recharge. Bob and Janet Lehman seek to create a safe and understanding coaching ministry for pastors, missionaries and ministry leaders and spouses who are in the midst of burnout, marriage issues, or personal excesses. They have found that without healthy life navigation and mentoring, ministry effectiveness and longevity can be negatively impacted, often leaving the home shipwrecked and ministry damaged. Mission Recharge understands the unique difficulties leaders face with boundaries, pressure, and anxiety, and seek to create healthy balance for them; emotionally, personally, and professionally.

Their goals are multi-faceted. Through effective coaching and mentoring the Lehmans seek to help leaders in a variety of contexts– helping marriages at all levels, exploring the presence of and solutions to burnout┬áin ministry, and seeking to identify and find protection for ministry fatigue. Their plan is to create environments that allow time to think, pray, contemplate, talk, read, rest, relax. These situations will provide helpful planning for the future, such as identifying personal limits and setting boundaries, creating opportunities for continuous self-care, considering how to work through loss, death, career transitions, and grief, developing a healthy path through depression, identifying and using helpful tools to reduce anxiety, and more.

Faith Story

Bob and Janet met at Northern Arizona University as students. Janet found Christ as her Lord and Savior at a young age, while Bob found Christ in college. Both became significantly involved in Campus Ambassadors, growing in their relationship with Christ and within their community. They married while in college and upon graduation moved to Denver, Colorado.


Bob attended Denver Seminary while Janet worked as a Medical Technologist at a Denver hospital. Bob and Janet have four children and fourteen grandchildren.