Matt and Susi Lundquist


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

Matt was appointed by Missions Door in June, 1985, to be a Campus Ambassador. His desire was to influence young people at a time of life when he had grown so much, a time when many are searching, and even those raised Christian are asking questions about what to believe.

Matt brings to the campus his passion for the defense of a biblical worldview on rational intellectual grounds (apologetics).

He was first sent to Willamette University, where he was mentored under the direction of Dan Barram for almost five years.

He’s now served over 13 years as Director of Campus Ambassadors ministry at Central Washington University. Matt loves the work God has given him: calling students to commit their lives to Jesus as Lord and teaching them to walk in obedience.

Matt says, “When God brings a person to life spiritually, they have a hunger and thirst for God that will drive them to an ever-deepening experience and understanding of His love and truth. Seeing lives changed as a result of partnering with God is my joy and reward.”

Faith Story

Matt was 4 years old when he responded to the message about Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and asked for forgiveness. At age 5 he announced in church that God was calling him to be a preacher.

He spent the next twelve years coming to terms with the implications of this conversion and call. Though at first it seemed that free grace and eternal security undermined the motivation to deny self, he came to understand God’s demand for obedience as an expression of His love.

He also saw that the gift of grace involves the power to escape sin’s bondage. At age 17, Matt’s early call was confirmed by God, and he surrendered his life to Christ’s Lordship and to pursue full-time ministry.

He met his wife, Susi, at First Baptist Los Altos, California, where they were both active in college and young-married ministries.


Matt and Susi were married in 1981, and they have 8 children: Amanda, Nathaneal, Kaleb, Katrina, Caroline, Ben, Soren and Haddon.


B.A. M.A. in Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion