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Marcelo Centineo is a church planter and pastors Tiempo de Dios Church in Merlo, San Luis, Argentina for 19 years, a congregation he started with his family in 2005. The Lord has been immensely good and generous, prospering the congregation and blessing it in many ways. The church began through home groups and those groups are now scattered throughout the city. The church now has several ministries, including children’s Bible school, youth ministry, men and women’s ministries, marriage ministry and prayer and worship ministry. The church is also developing ministry to help those struggling with addiction and plans to begin offering daycare for young children to help working single mothers.

Marcelo’s ministry to is to continue establishing and developing Tiempo de Dios Church in Merlo while also planting and establishing other congregations. His vision is to see one new congregation established every one to two years in the small towns around the city of Merlo. At the same time, to form local leadership that can manage and ensure the health and growth of each of them. In many of these small towns, there is no presence of a Christian church, so the work to be done is significant.

Faith Story

Marcelo came to know the Lord at the age of 26. A co-worker who had recently found Christ shared the Gospel with him. Initially, Marcelo was reluctant to pay attention, but after a few months, he was willing to listen and came to know Jesus.

He immediately shared the Gospel with his girlfriend, Guadalupe, whom he married a few months later. They were baptized together on January 24, 1993.

Marcelo learned about Mission Door through Pastor Rigoberto Reyes (Director of Latin American Ministries with Missions Door), whom he met during a missionary trip. In 2023, by God’s grace, Aaron Palmatier (Vice President of Ministry at Missions Door) and Rigoberto Reyes visited Argentina and were able to witness the ministry happening in the city of Merlo, San Luis.


Marcelo and Guadalupe were married in 1992 and are blessed by their three beautiful adult children: Belén Elisabet, Matías Joel and Lucas Gabriel. All three of their children and their son-in-law currently serve at Marcelo’s church.


Marcelo studied at the Biblical Faith Seminary in Argentina (SBF) for four years. Later, he moved to Guatemala with his family, where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in theology for another four years at the Central American Theological Seminary (SETECA). The theology degree is endorsed by the San Pablo University in Guatemala City. Marcelo also studied law at the Siglo XXI University.




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