Paul and Jo Marsh


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Role: Campus Area Director - Rocky Mountain Region

Ministry Focus

After spending 42 years on campus Paul’s focus is now on staff training. He is leading online theology classes, called CB Matrix. A two-year program to lay theological foundations for those doing ministry on campus.

In addition, he is a support raising coach for new staff appointees. This involves training and encouragement for those in the process of support discovery.

He also serves as the Area Coach for staff in Colorado, Iowa and Indiana. As such he is part of the Campus Ambassador national leadership team.

Although his primary focus is on staff his overall purpose is still to reach the university campus with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Paul says, “In order for staff to be effective on campus it is vital that they had a solid understanding of what the bible teaches.”

Faith Story

Paul, the oldest of seven children, was raised in a Roman Catholic home. Over the years he drifted from any belief in God.

Because of the faithful witness of Christian friends who were involved in Campus Ambassadors, Paul committed his life to Christ during his senior year at college.


While at the University of Colorado at Boulder he met Jo and they were married in 1980. Paul & Jo have been married 40 plus years, have two children and three grandchildren.