Krissy and Matt Martin


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

Most students on college campuses are seeking truth, worth and life direction. Yet, in their search, they are laboring in classes to please professors, parents, society, and sometimes even an impersonal God. They are often harassed and become weary in their search to please and to understand their purpose.

Krissy’s passion and vision for ministry is to see students come to know and experience the only hope and rest that is true, sufficient and never changing – Jesus Christ. She hopes to see our God worshiped in the lives of students on college campuses, as they come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and experience His Gospel of grace.

Unique to Krissy’s ministry among International women is offering conversational English classes and individual and group Bible studies for those who are interested. Other ways this ministry takes place are through monthly group activities, where students get to know other students and American friends, and even through host family programs, which provide a home away from home.

Matt and Krissy are both excited about serving college students from around the world and sharing Jesus Christ with them through the ministry of Campus Ambassadors.

Faith Story

Krissy was born and raised in northern New Jersey. After high school she made the decision to attend Arizona State University. Through the ministry of Campus Ambassadors, during her freshman year, Krissy became a Christian.

She jumped right into God’s service and became actively involved as a student leader with Campus Ambassadors. During the next few years, she was mentored in Christian life and disciplines and trained in ministry and leadership skills. As she has grown spiritually, God has given her a passion for lost people, especially college students.

Matt was also actively involved in the Campus Ambassadors ministry as a student and for a year after graduation. Matt and Krissy have always shared a passion for seeing others know Christ, serving people’s practical needs, and especially for helping others grow up in faith.


Krissy met her husband, Matt, in Campus Ambassadors as freshmen and they were friends throughout college and beyond. They were married on May 7, 2006. They have two sons, Jonathan and Lukas.