Widmy Mervilus



Dominican Republic

Service Area: International

Ministry Focus

Widmy Mervilus felt the call to meet both the material and spiritual needs of one of the poorest countries in the Americas—Haiti. With many malnourished children, lack of health, churches in bad condition, and structurally inhumane schools, Widmy’s desire (with the help of God) is to go and alleviate the situation that children are living in. Widmy plans to develop a ministry of sponsorship for children both in Haiti as well as the Dominican Republic. He also plans to buy land and build a mission house to bring together groups of doctors, teachers, speakers, nutritionists, etc. who will further Widmy’s vision of relieving children of poor health and education.

After the earthquake that destroyed Haiti in 2010, Widmy felt a strong desire to go to Haiti to start a ministry of training for pastors. He went to Atlanta Georgia in the United States in the Bible Training Centre for Pastors (BTCP) seminar to do a diploma in theology being trained to train pastors with limited academic resources. In 2016 he started a ministry to train pastors in Haiti.

Faith Story

Widmy was born in Haiti to a Christian family, with his grandfather as a pastor of a Baptist Church.

At the age of 20, Widmy moved to the Dominican Republic, fleeing from the Haitian dictatorship that ultimately put his life in danger. Two years later, while reading the word of God, the Lord spoke to his heart. At that moment, he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. He was then baptized in the Mennonite Church in the city of Las Matas de Farfan, Dominican Republic.


Widmy fell in love with Nilda Zabala Medina at their church and married in February of 1994. They have three daughters and two sons: Wilda Rosa, Ingrid Nilda, Widna Clelie Ester, Judson Widmy, and Gary Widmy. They also have one granddaughter: Nicci Rochelle.


When working in ministry in the Dominican Republic, God gave Widmy the opportunity to study theology at the Logos Ministerial Academy. In 2008, he received a bachelor’s degree in theology and was soon after ordained as a pastor.