Eric and Valerie Nielsen


Service Area: Specialized Ministries

Role: Joint Ministry Partner serving with The Fellowship

Ministry Focus

Thank you for your interest in supporting our Joint Ministry Partners working with The Fellowship, a family of over 500 Evangelical Baptist Churches scattered across Canada from the Yukon to the tip of Nova Scotia.

Eric and Valerie feel God has given them both a heart for missions and for people from different parts of the world. The focus of their ministry in Quebec is to make disciples for Jesus Christ through new church plants.

In March 2014, Eric and Valerie visited Montreal and saw firsthand the tremendous spiritual need. God began to stir in their hearts an inescapable hunger for the Gospel to be proclaimed in Quebec through planting new, Gospel-centered churches. In July 2014, they participated in a church planting assessment in Atlanta which helped to clarify their calling and encourage them in their gifts.

The couple met through their involvement with a campus ministry called Power to Change while both studying at the University of Waterloo.  It was through this ministry and the testimonies of others that they learned how great the need was in Quebec for the Gospel, and was also when Eric began to desire to become a pastor.

Through short-term international missions, their education, and involvement and guidance from their church communities, God has equipped Eric and Valerie for ministry and given them both a deep desire to make disciples and spread the Gospel in Quebec, Canada.