Harry and Carol Olsen

United States

Service Area: Harvest America

Role: Ministry Director

Ministry Focus

In March 2003 Harry was appointed by Missions Door as the Church Planting Specialist for the Rocky Mountain Region. He worked directly with the Rocky Mountain Conservative Baptist Association as their director of church planting.

Because of his experience in church-based evangelism, as well as recovery ministries (helping churches minister to folks with addictions), Harry has been available over the years for consultant work with existing churches as needed.

Harry’s overall experience has come through church planting work in South Africa, as well as here in the States, in communities ranging in populations from 700 to millions. Outside of Harry’s overseas experience, Harry and Carol have been with the Conservative Baptist movement for nearly 40 years.

Currently Harry is the Ministry Director for the Missions Door category known as Harvest America, which seeks to plant churches in suburban and rural communities throughout the United States, including church planting among Latino populations. Harvest America’s approach is to recruit and train individuals for church planting, and then to mentor them in their newly-birthed church leadership positions.

Faith Story

Harry’s and Carol’s early faith experiences were somewhat parallel, even though they lived on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Harry (a missionary’s kid) accepted Christ in South Africa as a small child. Carol, around the same age of 4, accepted Christ in Massachusetts. Both rededicated their lives and made commitments to Christ for full-time Christian service at age 11.

God brought their lives together at Multnomah School of the Bible in Portland, Oregon, in 1972. They married in 1974 and have been planting churches together for nearly 40 years.


Harry and Carol have three married grown children: Rebekah, Josh, and Tim, and precious grandchildren with each.

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