Mario Ordoñez

Ministry Focus

Mario and Loly are working on planting new urban churches in Tegucigalpa, the Honduran capital.

This city is the most populated in the country and they have many needs, challenges and opportunities.

They are focused on young couples and families at risk, many of whom are moving to new neighborhoods around the city.

Mario tells us: “I can see an excellent opportunity to talk about Jesus—He can change lives. There is also an opportunity to create an evangelism movement and new churches in places that do not exist in our city.”

They began their first congregation with an attendance of 70 people every week. It started in houses, and they are now meeting on the second floor of a building that they rent in the city. More church planting is on the horizon as Mario and Loly have a plan and the solid contacts they need to start new churches around Tegucigalpa.

On top of being a church planter, Mario is the Honduras director of the Theology Formation Program. This program focuses on the churches planted by the Missions Door, and they serve to facilitate the Bible educational process from the Local Churches. The program is currently having amazing, fruitful results!

Faith Story

Mario met the Lord in the neighborhood he lived in, became a member of the local church, and served in it as part of the leadership team. There he met Loly, who would become his wife. They have been married for 28 years and are the parents of three daughters. Loly has a great interest in children’s ministry and she is guiding women in their marriages and their Christian life.


Mario and Loly have three daughters: Alina, Andrea and Astrid.


– University degree in communications with a specialty in mobile telephony and fiber optics.

– Bachelor of Theology from the Latin American Faculty of Theology