Stephen & Kayley Ouellette


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

In a society and educational system that teaches moral relativism, it’s no wonder research shows that around 80% of students who start college with faith in Jesus will not graduate with those same convictions.

Although Stephen does not count himself among that statistic, his own experience in his early 20s, part of which was spent at Fitchburg State University, showed him just how hard it can be to navigate the waters of those years without solid Christian community to support you along the way and keep you true to the faith.

Stephen worked as an English teacher overseas for 4.5 years, an experience that taught him the beauty of the diversity of the Church and how important it is to live life with the posture of a humble learner. We are all many parts of one body, each with their own gifts for the equipping of the saints.

He plans to use the lessons learned from these experiences stateside and abroad to foster a community of brothers and sisters, both domestic and international, that learn from, depend on, and challenge each other to not be conformed to this world but be transformed by Christ.

Faith Story

Stephen started his personal faith journey at the age of 14 after a life changing experience that left him with a deep longing for Christian community. As a teen he attended his home fellowship’s youth group, served as a peer youth leader, and worked as a radio ministry intern.

However, after graduating high school, Stephen was unsure of himself and of what to do with his life. This season of lacking direction found him in and out of college multiple times, taking a gap year two times to attend a discipleship program and to work some parttime jobs, all in an attempt to find some greater and more meaningful purpose.

In all this wandering it was the faithful words and presence of brothers and sisters along the way that kept him on the path and fostered his passion for discipleship and community.

Today, Stephen and his wife Kayley have a shared passion for opening their hearts and home to people in need through mentoring and hospitality. They plan to live nearby FSU and create a home that can be used as a safe place for college students to come connect with each other, be encouraged in their walk with Jesus, and find support through life’s trials.


Stephen and his wife Kayley have two little girls: Alexandra and Amelia.


Stephen has a B.A. in Linguistics, minor in Chinese Language from Gordon College and a Certificate of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College.