Nancy Pitrowiski

United States

Service Area: City

Ministry Focus

Nancy teaches English as a Second Language and English pronunciation to immigrants in the greater Boston area. She also teaches citizenship. She integrates Bible stories with language classes and sends prayer requests to the other teachers and volunteers every morning requesting prayer for refugees and Muslims. She also visits refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Kenya.

Her particular focus is working with local churches, as she hopes to mobilize the church by offering seminars in the Bridges class to equip Christian volunteers to witness to immigrants in their own neighborhoods.

Over the past 10-15 years, Massachusetts has witnessed an influx of immigrants and refugees. English is the vehicle of opportunity to help new Americans become successful workers, parents and community members.

In 2012 the immigrant population in Massachusetts was 948,061 or 14.4 percent of the State’s population.

Women frequently are the last family members to learn English, as they are not part of the working world, or, when they are working, work at jobs that do not require language skills. Lack of English holds them back from attaining economic and social stability.

Nancy recognizes that women have a unique place in the family and community, and seeks to offer immigrant and refugee women the means to realize their potential through English literacy proficiency.

Faith Story

At the age of 25 Nancy moved into her neighborhood where a woman, who would become her best friend for forty years, shared the message of the Gospel with her.

After reading “Mere Christianity” she was convicted of her need for a Savior, and gave her life to the Lord. Nancy lost her best friend to cancer recently and was able to share the story of her coming to Christ with everyone attending the memorial service.


Nancy has three grown children and two grandchildren.


R.N. Henry Heywood Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, Gardner, MA
B.S. in Health Care Administration, Emmanuel College, Boston, MA
M.A. in Public Administration, Suffolk University, Boston, MA