Raul Nunez

Missionary Profile

Ministry Focus

Raul Nunez’s ministry is focused on establishing new churches among the Lenca people and developing leaders within the Lenca churches in Honduras through the Lenca Bible Institute. His work also includes vocational training for Lenca women who do not have access to formal education within the national system. Skills in sewing and clothing production empower women to generate their own income for their families.

Faith Story

Raul met the Lord at a local church in the city of Catacamas, Olancho. A few years later, he met his wife, Nolivia, at another local church in the same city, where he served on the pastoral team. After two years of dating, they were married and began their journey of serving the Lord together in the western region of their country, where they continue to serve today.


Raul and Nolvia are parents to their three children: Merary Ester, Raul Daniel, and David Jonatan.


Raul completed his secondary education at the "Instituto Técnico 18 de Noviembre" in Catacamas. He pursued theological studies at the Evangelical Church of Holiness in Honduras and attended the Evangelical Christian University Nuevo Milenio, where he received a degree in Higher Education Teaching. Later, he pursued a bachelor's degree in literature with a focus on linguistics at the National Pedagogical University. Raul currently serves as the director of the Lenca Bible Institute across all its campuses. In his free time, he enjoys reading.




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