Curtis and Esther Reed


Service Area: City

Ministry Focus

Today Curtis is in Nairobi, Kenya, continuing the work he began among college students there. His ministry is local, church-based (African Inland Church of Kiambiu) and in team collaboration with Kenyan church and youth leaders.

Curtis also spends two months per year in the States encouraging and discipling African-American students. He is currently the director of Sankofa Student Ministries under Missions Door focusing on students of African descent.

The uniqueness of Sankofa’s ministry lies in teaching African identity as an integral component of one’s spirituality and hosting an annual international student conference among African-American and Kenyan students in Nairobi.

Faith Story

Curtis became a Christian at the age of 18 through the ministry of Older Boys and Girls Conference on Chicago’s South Side. He then enrolled at Southern Illinois University and was a student leader with InterVarsity.

During his second year there, Curtis started an independent Christian Fellowship called Black Student Ministries in affiliation with Missions Door.

After graduating, Curtis taught social studies for three years at an inner-city high school in Chicago, while working with Missions Door missionary Mack White on campus visitations and Bible studies.

Feeling called to do mission work exclusively, Curtis quit teaching and joined the Missions Door team full time in 1996. Then, while a graduate student in history at Chicago State University, Curtis, along with others, founded Jesus Thang Forever.

Upon graduation from Chicago State University, Curtis went to Nairobi, Kenya, where he served as a part-time college student missionary during his two-year stay.


Curtis and Esther were married in August, 2008. They have one daughter and two sons.


M.A. in Church History from Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology