Ramon and Ana Rodriguez

Missionary Profile

Ministry Focus

At the age of 17, Ramon felt God call him to full-time Christian ministry, so he registered at Seminario Bautista de Nogales (SEBANO), a theological institution of the Conservative Baptists in Mexico. After graduating from seminary in 1978, he began serving as a missionary in Sonora, Mexico, where he planted two churches. In 1983, Ramon felt the need to train other Mexican nationals for ministry, so he moved to Nogales, Sonora, and started teaching at the seminary. He also pastored one of the churches in Nogales. In 2003 Ramon graduated in Business Administration from the Nogales Technological Institute. After serving at the seminary for 21 years, in 2005 Ramon was appointed as the Executive Director of the seminary. Ramon is developing a new strategy for the seminary to reach a greater number of students in the Nogales, Sonora and Northwest Mexico area. The extension program of the Nogales Baptist Seminary involves courses in different cities and great ministry in the prisons of Nogales.

Faith Story

Ramon was born and raised in a Christian home in Mexico. He accepted Christ as his Savior when he was 16 years old.




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From ancient civilizations to modern cities, colorful traditions advance a vibrant culture

Colorful and joyful fiestas provide a staple of life in Mexico to celebrate everything from patron saints to national holidays to guitar music. Today's traditions blend Spanish influence since the 1500s with the heritage of ancient civilizations that flourished in Mexico for thousands of years prior.

Sunny beaches and turquoise waters of Baja California and Cancún bring thousands of tourists each year. And amid a combination of historic and modern architecture, Mexico City's 20 million residents make it one of the most populated urban centers in the world.

At the heart of every Mexican city lies the zócalo, or central public square, that invites community interaction. In contrast, plastered walls often surround affluent homes to provide protection and symbolize the importance of family in Mexican society.

The country has one of the world’s largest economies, driven significantly by manufacturing, and is the world’s largest producer of silver. But high rates of unemployment and crime make it hard for many households to earn enough income.

Your participation with Missions Door helps to meet strategic and spiritual needs of communities in Mexico through medical teams, leadership training, economic development, church planting and youth ministry.

Cultural Snapshot

The acclaimed Mexican painter Diego Rivera created elaborate murals that depict Mexico's history and culture.

Faith Fact

Mexico has the second largest population of Catholics in the world, approximately 96 million.

Country Profile

Population: 118 million, 46% ages 0–24

Major Religions: 83% Catholic, 6% Protestant

Languages: 93% Spanish, 6% bilingual in Spanish and indigenous languages

Literacy: 94%

Poverty: 52%



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