Erick and Yoamy Sanchez


Service Area: International

Ministry Focus

Erick was appointed by Missions Door in April 2004 working among the Lenca Indians, a largely unreached group in Central Honduras. He serves as the Ministry Coordinator for work among the Lenca, focusing on evangelism, discipleship and church planting.

Erick directs and teaches in the leadership training program, which prepares local leaders for church planting in Lenca villages. He also oversees the association of churches. He and Yoamy are burdened to reach mountain villages that have been untouched by the Gospel.

Erick says, “We feel a great satisfaction to be a part of this team taking the Gospel to others. Now our greatest interest is to share the Gospel with the Lenca and speak to them about Jesus. We believe we have found something that is worth the investment of our time, our resources, and our lives.”

Faith Story

Erick gave his life to Christ after his neighbor shared the Gospel with him. Erick was a believer but it wasn’t until studying God’s Word that Erick knew he was called to ministry.

Erick says, “I was a believer with no commitment or interest in the lost, the church, or the Lord’s work, and I had little spiritual motivation to change. Then I began to read the Word, and through devotions and active participation in the church, I began to be drawn to the work of the Lord. Through my discovery that the Lord is most interested in the lost, I came to know about missions and the great challenge that exists in reaching unreached people groups of the world.”

Erick began to pray. He committed time after work and on weekends to serving but could feel God calling him to serve even more. He felt challenged to pursue biblical education and Missions Door provided a scholarship for Erick to attend seminary in Siguatepeque, Honduras.


Erick met Yoamy in La Esperanza while she was serving as the director of a Christian elementary school. Erick and Yoamy were married in August 2005 and in 2006 Yoamy left the school to commit to full-time to ministry with Erick. They have two children, Ruth Yoamy and Erick David.


  • Bible & Theology Degree from Central American Bible Institute
  • Social Education Technical Degree from SUED University