John and Sue Slaiger

United States

Service Area: City

Ministry Focus

In the summer of 1977 John and Sue were sent to the inner city of Providence, Rhode Island, to begin a church-planting ministry with Missions Door.

A new mission field had emerged in core city neighborhoods as many churches followed urban and suburban growth movements. Those left behind had become trapped in chronic poverty, disenfranchised and unable to live under the demands of society.

John and Sue remain committed to evangelizing, discipling and church planting among those living in chronic poverty. Their prayer remains that the church of Jesus Christ would not leave behind the weakest and most needy among us here in America.

Faith Story

John received Christ as his Savior through Sue’s witness in 1965. John served four years in the United States Air Force. Coming home to Massachusetts following his discharge, discouraged and despairing, he met the Savior.

Christ revolutionized his life and gave him a great burden for the lost, particular those who were left behind. During his years at seminary a growing burden for church planting became his mission.

Sue became a Christian in early childhood and was raised in a Christian home. She worked as a legal secretary off and on for fifteen years, at which time she went back to school.

Besides tending to the family, Sue speaks to women at conferences and carries on a significant music ministry. She also maintains a vital ministry in the local church through leading an adult Sunday school class, playing keyboard at worship services and counseling people regularly.


John and Sue were married in 1966 and have two adult children: Michael and Melissa.


John: B.S. in Business Administration and M.Div.
Sue: B.A., M.A. Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study,
Licensed Mental Health Counselor