Luisa Spadafino

United States

Service Area: City

Role: Recovery House of Worship

Ministry Focus

Luisa was appointed by Missions Door in September 2005. She works alongside Pastor Raymond Ramos, and the New York City church-planting team, helping to start churches for those in recovery, their friends and families.

Luisa’s wide range of gifts, love for God, and experiences from her past have blessed many. She coordinates retreats, workshops and teaches different classes to train leaders to find their spiritual gifts.

Luisa sits down one on one with women and helps them sort through their lives and guides them in the healing process. She refers men and women to detox, rehab and housing. Her heart is for those who are struggling with addiction and those affected by those struggling with addiction.

Faith Story

Ever since Luisa can remember she’s looked for something to fill the void in her life. She was born to a wonderful mother and father until drugs entered the home and ruined the family. Luisa’s father became addicted to drugs and by the time Luisa was 8 years old her parents divorced. Later she experienced destructive displays of love that made the void larger. At a young age drinking, smoking and drugs were ways Luisa coped with that void.

An abusive relationship, unanswered questions about the Bible, anger at God and a widening void led to her breaking point. She was about to be initiated into a cult when a friend invited Luisa to church. The question she’d been waiting to hear her whole life was asked, “Are you tired of being sick and tired?”

December 22, 2001 is when she finally let Jesus’ love and forgiveness fill that void. It was a slow process of healing and finally on October 26, 2002 she fully surrendered! Ever since that day of healing, she uses her story to share the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ with everyone!


Luisa has a younger sister and mother who live in Queens. Her father is in recovery (thanks to many prayers) and is doing well in California.