Workneh and Tersit Tesfaye

Missionary Profile

Ministry Focus

Workneh is an enthusiastic and missions-minded church planter living in Boston, Massachusetts. Before being appointed by Missions Door, he founded a ministry called "Pennies for the Needy (PfN)" in Ethiopia. That ministry supports needy orphan children there, as well as draws people to the Lord. Workneh planted Emmanuel Disciples Church in Boston, and his vision is to plant a second church in Ethiopia. He has been called to plant churches in the United States and wherever God opens the door.

Faith Story

Born in a Coptic Orthodox family in Ethiopia, Workneh learned the traditional doctrinal teachings of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and become a deacon when he was very young. Workneh gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ in 1990 and served as an elder for more than 12 years in Ethiopian Evangelical churches both in Ethiopia and in Boston. He loves to witness, teach and preach the Word of God as well as disciple new converts and believers in the church. Tersit gave her life to the Lord when she was very young. She has sung in choirs in the Lutheran church and Ethiopian Evangelical churches in both Boston and Ethiopia.


B.A. in Management Studies; M.A. in Urban Ministry




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Massachusetts, United States & Ethiopia