Armando Trejo

Ministry Focus

Armando Trejo is focused on church planting in the core zone of the Lenca—indigenous people in mountainous Southwestern Honduras. He is a Lenca himself, and one of the first ordained pastors of the evangelistic ministry in the Lenca region. This ministry began in 2004.

As one of their own, he understands the Lenca culture very well and how to effectively work among them. Armando has been taken through the whole process of spiritual development as a disciple to become a leader that reflects the character of Christ. He has also planted two churches in new communities.

Loving the people of the mountains and knowing how to do effective outreach work in communities without churches is highly valued for evangelism in this region.

Faith Story

Armando received the Lord in 2005, when he was confronted with the Gospel at a time when life was very hard with his family. He did not know which way to go, and the Gospel came to his community at just the right time. God saved him and restored his family, who now serve the Lord together with him.

Armando tells us: “Seeing the need in families without God, a deep desire was born in me to bring the Gospel of peace and change to the communities where I live and visit.”


Armando Trejo is married to Lelis with whom they have five children: Darwin (23), Nahin (20), Ruth (18), Karen (15), Melvin (11)


Armando was ordained as a pastor in July 2008. He studied at the Lenca Bible Institute in La Esperanza Honduras, where he concluded his Biblical and Ministerial studies in 2010.