Kadijatu and Kashope Wellington

Sierra Leone

Service Area: Specialized Ministries

Role: Women's and Children's Ministry

Ministry Focus

Ever since Kadijatu and her husband, Rev. Kashope Wellington, returned to Sierra Leone in 2003, they have been involved in both spiritual and humanitarian work to many Sierra Leoneans who have lost hope due to the 12-year brutal war that devastated the country. In 2004, Kadijatu started a skill training program, teaching widows and young women income generating skills to help them sustain themselves and their families. However, after four years of operating the school, it closed down due to circumstances beyond their control.

Between 2008 and 2009, Kashope started planting a church and Kadijatu started engaging the women, youth, and children in Bible studies.

As President of the Women’s Ministry, Kadijatu’s focus is mostly on women and children. She does marriage counseling, talks about teenage pregnancy, advocates for education for the underprivileged children, especially the GIRL CHILD, and against early marriage for girls.

In April 2016 Kadijatu was appointed by Missions Door to serve in Sierra Leone. Through Missions Door, she is hopeful she will be able to do more with the children and youth who are struggling with social problems.

Faith Story

Kadijatu was born and brought up in a Muslim family in Sierra Leone. Though she attended Christian schools at the time, she did not know much about Jesus Christ and was not really interested in knowing more.

In the 1980’s Kadijatu was fortunate to come to the United States. After two years of being here she met an elderly lady who became her friend and mentor. She invited her to church and the sermon was on Jesus Christ dying for her sins and the sins of the world, and to love our enemies as ourselves and to forgive one another. The message touched Kadijatu because she had never heard words like that before. It took her several months to go back to church but after feeling a tug from God, Kadijatu called her friend and asked her to explain the pastor’s words. Later she was baptized and everything changed. She became interested in helping others that were less privileged than her.

In 2003, they returned home to help their people who were suffering both physically and spiritually after the terrible war in Sierra Leone.

Though they left the comfort of America, Kadijatu believes that God brought them here to prepare them, and to go back and be a part of the reconstruction of people’s lives and their country. Since their return, they have been involved in church ministry, agriculture, vocational training for widows, and now primary education for underprivileged children at Five Mile Village in Newton, Sierra Leone.


They have four adult children and two adopted, beautiful teenage girls in Sierra Leone. They have faith that the God who had brought them to Newton Village, will surely make way for them to carry out His Ministry.


Kadijatu has a B.S. Degree in Business Administration from Emmanuel College in Boston, Massachusetts. She worked for John Hancock Financial Services in Boston for about 15 years. She is currently in Sierra Leone doing church ministry, teaching school, and has been leading talks with other women’s ministries.

Her husband, Rev. Kashope Wellington, has a degree in Drug and Alcohol Education, Treatment and Prevention. He is an ordained minister and has been a TV and Radio Broadcaster for many years. He oversees the church he is planting, called Church of God on the Highway Ministries.