Cameron West


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

After attending Chemeketa Community College for a year and feeling like he needed to be doing something more for Christ on his campus, Cameron found Richard Feredinos standing in front of a table for Campus Ambassadors. Richard asked him what he wanted to see God doing on campus. When Cameron explained that he wanted to be part of a ministry that reached out to college students for Jesus and was a safe place to talk openly and respectfully about what each other truly believes, Richard invited Cameron to join Campus Ambassadors and help make that happen.

Since that day Cameron has been heavily involved in the Campus Ambassadors ministry partner team. He disciples students and does all that he can to bring his peers closer to Jesus.

“Only you can tell others about Jesus the way you do,” says fellow Campus Ambassador Craig Hammond.

Faith Story

Cameron committed his life to Jesus at the age of 15, a year after returning from Malaysia with his family who were missionaries. Wanting to be a missionary since he was little, Cameron had his definition of a missionary enlarged after spending a year at Simpson University being mentored and discipled by Richard Feredinos and the rest of the Chemeketa Campus Ambassadors team.

He learned that a missionary was not just a person who went to a different country to preach the gospel, but someone who told people around them about Jesus in whatever community they lived, whether overseas or right across the room.


Cameron is the oldest of the three sons of Ron and Shelly West. His younger brothers are Chris and Gregory.