Jerry and Maxine Yazzie

United States

Service Area: Specialized Ministries

Role: Native American Ministry

Ministry Focus

The power of the Holy Spirit working within and godly advice from Christian friends led both Jerry and Maxine separately to Indian Bible College in Flagstaff, Arizona. Jerry began ministering as an intern pastor under Flagstaff Mission to the Navajos during that time.

After graduation, the Yazzies worked for seven years at Black Mesa Bible Church.

Then in New Mexico they ministered another seven years with Thoreau Community Bible Church, under United Indian Missions of Flagstaff. At that point they were called back to Flagstaff, and Indian Bible College, where Jerry served as an instructor and as Dean of Students for five years.

Currently Jerry is a pastor working with Native Harvest, Inc.

Both Jerry’s and Maxine’s hearts are for their native people. Many churches have been planted throughout the Navajo Reservation and many more continue to be planted.

In order for these churches to continue to grow and develop, pastors and leaders need to be trained. That is where Jerry and Maxine feel God has called them, to be training and encouraging pastors and leaders, as well as equipping them to be effective in training their own people, as the Apostle Paul instructed Timothy to do in II Timothy 2:2.

Faith Story

Both Jerry and Maxine grew up in Christian homes and were saved at an early age.

As with most teenagers, peer pressure persuaded them both to drift from the Lord until they each realized the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


The Yazzies were married in 1980 and have five children: Jerilyn, Marilyn, Leander, Evander and Kathleen.