Grace For All Nations Seminary (W. Boutrus)

Project Profile

Ministry Focus

Grace For All Nations (GFAN) is a project led by missionary Wagih Boutrus. This program seeks to give seminary training to South Sudanese pastors and leaders. Training sessions will be held three times a year. The country of South Sudan (RSS) is the newest country in the world, being formed in 2011. One of the best ways to support the Christian Church in this young nation is to support and train their church leaders. This modular seminary training will equip leaders to not only serve in the country of South Sudan, but also with their Arabic language skills, penetrate the heart of all Arabian Peninsula countries with the gospel.

Grace For All Nations seeks to eventually do just that, bring grace to all nations. Along with pastoral and leadership training, this project will also help those in need in South Sudan.

Project ID: 09713U