Haiti Children’s School Scholarships

Project Profile

Ministry Focus

For many children in Haiti, the cost of education often hinders them from attending school and receiving an education. As education is still not accessible for all in Haiti, the purpose of this project is to help some of these children go to school. This is a sponsorship program in which donors will support children through their years of schooling. Most people in Haiti do not go to school, not because they do not want to, but because they are unable to pay for it. Each child’s progress and development will be closely monitored with reports and updates provided to the sponsor.

Your support to the Haiti Children’s School Scholarships project is an opportunity to provide a child with the gift of an education. All gifts given to this project go directly towards paying for school fees.


Project Oversight:

Francklin Alexis

Herode Guillomettre

Support Costs
Total for 1 Child for 1 year: $ 355.00
Entry fee for one Child: $125
Monthly payment for one Child: $20 (x9 months = 180)
School supplies for one Child: $50