Hurricane Iota follows Eta’s path and Slams into Nicaragua and Honduras

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Hurricane Eta slammed into Central America, with sustained winds of 140 mph. Near the center, it is estimated that the winds reached upward of 190 mph, making this one of the strongest storms on record in the Northern Atlantic.

Just 13 days later, while families and communities are still overwhelmed with tremendous loss, Hurricane Iota follows Eta’s path. Iota mercilessly brought more devastation and casualties throughout Central America as the second category 4 hurricane to hit the same spot in a mere two weeks–it is unheard of.

Among the people who have been in Eta and Iota’s paths are some of our very own missionaries. Many of our missionaries and pastors have been directly affected, but they are still caring for the needs of so many families in their churches and communities who have been devastated by the hurricane. With lost electricity and communication systems, finding missing persons is especially difficult.

Erick Sanchez, one of our missionaries in Honduras, describes this as “a reality taken out of a horror movie.”

Please pray with us and consider donating to this project. Your support will go toward those who are in need of food, housing, medical attention, etc.

Hurricane Eta Relief Fund (92591R)

Video footage of Hurricane Eta (Honduras)