Next Generation-Central American Missionary Interns

Project Profile

Ministry Focus

The Next Generation Central American Missionary Interns project provides preliminary training of second-generation, indigenous missionaries, initially in Central America.

Next Generation is a low-cost internship program for Central American, second-generation, indigenous missionaries. The participating youth and young adults are the children of our own Missionaries at Missions Door, and many already see themselves as missionaries and evangelists, just like their parents. In this internship, selected youth will begin to work alongside short-term teams from the United States, serving as interpreters and ministry leaders. Interns will also receive biblical missions training, practical ministry experience, and initiate contact with supporters from the United States. This program was created in the hope that some of these interns will become the next generation of full-time missionaries, standing on the shoulders of their parents and extending the gospel in their own nations, to the next generation.