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Radio Station HRVC, the Evangelical Voice of Honduras, started in 1960, broadcasting for two hours a day from a house high above Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras. The station’s only equipment was a turntable, console, small 1,000-watt transmitter, and a wire strung between two trees for an antenna.

The Lord has blessed HRVC over 50 years of Christian broadcasting. From its small beginnings back in 1960, HRVC is now the third most listened to station in Honduras, broadcasting around the clock and covering 80 percent of Honduras with a network of 12 repeaters, Internet and short-wave transmissions worldwide.

In 1992 HRVC launched Stereo Luz, an FM station that broadcasts quality Christian music 24 hours a day. Because the FM station receives advertising income, the overall ministry of HRVC has been able to expand with the vast majority of the operating budget for the radio ministry now being covered without significant mission support from the U.S.

HRVC programming includes Bible studies and messages from local Honduran churches as well as internationally known Christian evangelists like Luis Palau and Alberto Mottesi. The station receives hundreds of letters monthly from cities across Honduras and from others countries where people listen on short wave radio or over the Internet, testifying to the impact HRVC programming has had on their lives.

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