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Honduras is ranked as having one of the lowest education levels of any country. Due to extreme poverty, there are less opportunities for education than many places around the world. The Linares family began working for better education in their community 15 years ago. They sought to raise the level of education in their area by offering support from the local churches to teach children, youth and adults. Their programs reinforced students’ primary education, and with great efforts, they were able to see many graduate. However, there are still many obstacles for those seeking an education.  Arnold Linares and his family have visited schools and homes and witnessed children passing out due to lack of food and nutrition. Many young people drop out of school because they do not have the necessary school supplies. For all these reasons and more, the Linares family is more devoted than ever to this effort. Join them to help their communities raise better students and citizens. Contribute to the need and vision that God has given them.

Project number:  47311U

Honduras es una de las naciones con bajo nivel educativo, debido a la pobreza hay menos oportunidades especialmente a los de más escasos recursos, hace 15 años nos aventuramos a levantar el nivel de educación en mi comunidad apoyando desde la iglesia local  enseñando a adultos, jóvenes, niños, reforzamos la educación primaria y con grandes esfuerzos logramos graduarlos, nos adentramos a cada escuela y hogar y vimos a niños desmayarse por falta de alimentación a los jóvenes abandonar sus estudios por falta de materiales educativo esto nos desafío a pensar en ayudarles, se parte del equipo y así tengamos mejores estudiantes y ciudadanos, ayúdanos hacer parte de esta visión.

Proyecto numero: 47311U

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