Vehicle Project–Paul Steer

Project Profile

Ministry Focus

Paul and Tania Steer’s ministry requires frequent travel into the mountains and cities of the South Central Region of Honduras.

Throughout the year, they travel for an hour and a half by motorcycle along the Pan American Highway to plant, visit and supervise the work of the Lord under their responsibility. This road has a lot of traffic and is full of heavy load vehicles that must share narrow passes. It is common to have to quickly dodge oncoming traffic traveling at high speeds.

To visit other towns, or when the weather is colder, the Steers have to use public transportation. This is very expensive in Honduras and does not allow them to carry the necessary materials for training and ministry to these towns.

The Steers have an urgent need for a vehicle to supervise and maintain all current ministry projects and to expand their ministry. A vehicle would allow them to make a better investment of time in the diverse communities of faith to which they minister.

Gifts to this project will assist them in the purchase, maintenance and repairs of their ministry vehicle.

Paul Steer
Rigoberto Reyes