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Update: Converted Family Donates Land for Honduran Church

October 20, 2022

Missions Door missionary, Carlos Zuniga, reports amazing news. A few years ago, he started to plant a church in Puerta del Ocote, Belen Lempira, which is in the western part of Honduras. This past August, Carlos led a family to the Lord. This family decided to donate a plot of land for that church plant! The plan is to build a prayer house on that land for the church plant’s members to congregate. God has also provided Carlos with the other necessary materials to start on it. Carlos also reports that his church in Zapotillo is doing well. He travels…

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Update: VBS on Wyoming Reservation Sees 110 Kids

October 16, 2022

Missions Door missionary, Allen Peil, reports that this year’s VBS in Wyoming’s Wind River Indian Reservation was a success! Around 110 students from the surrounding neighborhoods and villages attended. Last year, the average attendance was around sixty. Ten students made professions of faith! Five churches total from California, Nevada, Sheridan FBC, and Allen’s home church in Riverton, Wyoming split into five locations and led a three-hour long VBS daily. One of the students who made a profession of faith lives with his Christian grandparents. His parents are interested in starting a regular bible study in their home. This is an…

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Update: International Student Ministry Sees Sky Rocketing Numbers

October 7, 2022

A missionary that works with international students at a major American university (missionary and university protected for privacy reasons) reports that the number of internationals at his campus has increased significantly! This missionary has been able to pick up students at the airport and help move them in. Because he often meets their friends, this missionary has gotten to know hundreds of new internationals! The students are often shocked when he willingly helps without pay or expectation. When they ask why, he always responds, “I’m a follower of Jesus, and I want you to see the reality of God’s love…

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Update: Unorthodox “Christian” Club May Start at WSU

October 6, 2022

Kathleen Young, Campus Ambassador, reports that a new “Christian” club is attempting to start at Worcester State University. They are not orthodox and don’t preach the same gospel. Pray for Kathleen as she navigates tricky discussions. Also pray that the Lord provides her more financial partners. Praise report: Through Instagram, four new freshmen were at the club kickoff. They’ve been able to host lots of events from tables to game nights. Support Kathleen here.

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Update: ASU Experiencing Record Number of International Students

September 24, 2022

Missions Door missionary, Ben Joseph, reports that Arizona State University has a record number of international students this past school year. The ministry he serves in, Friends of Internationals, has been able to take these students all over Arizona to experience the beauty of the Southwest and build relationships. FOI’s Easter Celebration dinner had a full house, and the gospel was shared. Their Friday evening dinners and bible studies averaged around fifty students, all non-believers. Praise the Lord! Support Ben here.

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Update: New House Church in Dominican Republic

September 22, 2022

Felix Abreu, Missions Door missionary in the Dominican Republic, started a new house church on July 17th. That month, he presented the 5-5-5 plan: five strategic cities in the Dominican Republic where his team wants to establish five strategic church planting centers in the next five years (2023 – 2027). He asks for your prayers for this project as it will be the focus of the next five years of ministry. Pray for wisdom and guidance from the Lord as the team chooses planters, cities, and necessary resources. Join them in this great adventure of a church planting movement in the Dominican…

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A Friend to Foreigners

August 12, 2022

“Oh, it’s raining!” Patricia says, smiling as she drives Fatima to the store. Fatima is her new Muslim friend from the Middle East who’s in America to study. “Thank you, Jesus. I prayed to Jesus that it would rain, and He answered my prayer.” Fatima laughs. “Does Jesus answer all of your prayers?” she asks. “It depends. Jesus is my God, so I believe He always knows what’s best for me” she explains. “In Islam, Jesus is a prophet. He is Isa in our book.” “I know He’s also the Messiah in the Quran. Why do you think that is?”…

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Creating Community for Those Who Aren’t Interested

July 29, 2022

“Do you wanna play some games with us?” Myke can see the wheels turning in the college student’s head. It’s like he’s thinking, “Games? Having to leave my dorm? Socializing with people?” The student pauses carefully. “No, thanks,” he replies, going back into his room to play video games by himself. Myke figured he’d respond that way. He’ll try again another time. From Engineering to Ministry Myke was raised in a church-going Christian family in North Carolina. When he was fifteen, his pastor challenged him to enter a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Because of his love for math and…

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Ministering to Haiti’s Children

July 8, 2022

Haiti, 2010 — the ground begins to shake underneath Francklin’s feet, while objects fall around him with a loud clatter. He looks at his students and sees the fear in their eyes. Francklin guides them downstairs as fast as he can, trying not to fall. Car horns and shouts for help fill the streets. Pieces of the house break off, crashing loudly. If he and the others can’t make it outside, they’ll die. A Childhood without Parents Francklin Alexis grew up in Haiti without a father. His mother raised him and his siblings on her own until she sadly passed…

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How God Used a Missionary’s Debilitating Panic Attacks

June 16, 2022

“I can’t.” Josh Joiner’s heart beats out of his chest and his hands tremble. He sits in the passenger seat of his car with his wife, struggling to breathe. She drove him to the store in an attempt to leave the house. His constant panic attacks have left him bed-ridden for a month, unable to stand without getting dizzy. Even the idea of going into the store and having to see people seems terrifying. He wasn’t always like this. All he wants to do is go back to normal. Passion for Young People Josh grew up in Mesa, Arizona. He…

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HIV and AIDS Ministry

May 26, 2022

1988 – Steve Robenalt sits with his wife of three weeks, Patty, in a Christian conference. It’s his first year working full-time as a Campus Ambassador at Arizona State University, and they’re both excited to learn more about how to serve their students. A staff member at the conference teaches about ministering to people with AIDS. Not relevant to Steve and Patty’s lives, but you never know on a college campus. The next day, they receive a phone call from Patty’s mother. The words out of her mouth knock the wind out of the newlywed couple: “I have AIDS.” Entering…

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House Churches in the Dominican Republic

May 19, 2022

Late 80s, Dominican Republic – eighteen-year-old Felix Abreu sits, entranced by the words of his bible study teacher. It feels like he was being introduced to Jesus all over again. He could barely keep up. How is that this teacher has only been in an evangelical seminary for two years? Felix spent four years in a Catholic seminary, and yet he’s learning so much more now. From Catholicism to Church Planting Felix was raised in the Dominican Republic. From adolescence, he had a desire to serve the Lord. He enrolled in a Catholic seminary at the young age of fourteen,…

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Ministering to One of America’s Most Dangerous Reservations

May 12, 2022

Wind River, Wyoming is a reservation with incredible people, plagued by two heartbreaking issues: post-colonialism and meth. It’s the fifth largest Native American reservation by population. Almost 27,000 people live on the reservation, and around 12,000 of them are from the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes. The community has a horrific colonial history. In the past, Natives were dispossessed from their land, forced to assimilate, ripped away from their families, and had to watch their culture be destroyed. While they’ve managed to revive and keep their rich traditions alive today, the legacy of colonialism has led to generations of…

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Giving Language to the Voiceless

May 5, 2022

“Do you know anyone in this village who’s deaf?” It’s a question Jessie and her team ask regularly in rural areas of Honduras. The person at the door tells them about a deaf gentleman who lives with his parents and gives them directions to find his home. “Do you know his name?” Jessie also asks. As expected, the person shakes their head. Jessie and her teammate, a Honduran deaf man, go search for him. They arrive at the steps of his humble home and knock on the door. A woman answers, looking a little tired. Jessie warmly introduces herself and…

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Challenging Students of All Faiths

March 31, 2022

“I’m converting to Mormonism.” Bailey Palmer’s heart sinks into the ground. He could barely recognize Jeremy*. Jeremy came to Campus Ambassadors as a new Christian, ready to be discipled. He was curious and excited, diving deep into God’s word with Bailey every week. “Are tattoos a sin? What about marijuana?” he would ask. He wanted to know everything and anything. Bailey always challenged him to find his answers in God’s word, to think critically, and to study different perspectives before coming to any conclusion. So, when Jeremy told him that he’d been contacted by a couple of Mormons, he didn’t…

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Ministering to International Students

March 24, 2022

“In Christianity, can a boyfriend and girlfriend sleep together before they are married?” Ahmed’s eyes are sincere. He’s never met a Christian before and has many questions. Steven Jones shakes his head. “No. Christianity teaches sex is only for marriage.” Confusion paints Ahmed’s face. “But there are many Americans who live together or have children, and they are not married,” he says with his North African accent. Steven nods, sadly. “Most Americans aren’t Christians.” “But America is a Christian country. I think most Americans say they are Christian.” “That doesn’t mean they are,” Steven tries to explain to the international student.…

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Bringing Jesus to the Native Honduran Mountain Communities

February 18, 2022

The light from the projector flickers on the enchanted villagers’ faces. They’re huddled close together, sitting outside on the grass or in chairs. Many of the communities in the Honduran mountains don’t have electricity, so an animated movie brings much excitement. On the screen is a Man with a complexion like theirs. They gasp when He heals the sick, weep when He’s crucified, and cheer when He resurrects. He says He loves everyone so much that His death was to pay for their wrongdoings. If they worship Him as God, they can be in a relationship with Him that lasts…

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College Ministry in Hermosillo, Mexico

February 10, 2022

“Highest paying jobs.” A young student in the University of Sonora Googles these words and presses enter on his keyboard. He didn’t even have to complete his thought – the phrase popped up immediately as he typed the words. A plethora of results appear on his screen. Anesthesiologist, general physician, OBGYN. All with salaries over $200,000. He imagines big houses and fancy cars. He imagines happiness. Happiness that will fill the emptiness inside. Elohim Salazar was like this student. He wanted to be a civil engineer and pursue a cushy financial life. But at eighteen, a persistent feeling gnawed at…

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Home Away From Home

January 27, 2022

On a cool night in Oregon, Karmann lounges back in a hammock, feeling the waves of heat from the firepit nearby warming her body. Several of her roommates sit relaxed around her. They munch on popcorn, sip coffee, crack jokes, and have serious conversations about life’s deepest questions. Her eyes land on Anna, a young woman who just broke up with her boyfriend because he wasn’t a believer. Her spiritual growth has been incredible to watch. So has Jolene’s, who brought her brother and best friend to Christ after being discipled by Campus Ambassadors. The women’s home Karmann lives in…

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Getting College Students in Church

January 21, 2022

A young woman sits bundled up in a car, watching orange and red painted trees speed by through the window. She’s a freshman at the University at Buffalo and around six hours away from home. She got connected with Campus Ambassadors and started attending Bible studies and on-campus worship. Now, she’s being given a ride to a local church. She was praying to have a Christian community in college, and God has exceeded her request. A Bridge to the Church Sally Henien is the director of the University at Buffalo’s Campus Ambassadors. Having a missionary presence on campus allows them…

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Helping Students Overcome Fear

December 2, 2021

Tyler Stibrich watched Conner sit down excitedly and spread out his notes. “Guys, this is gonna be awesome!” Conner exclaimed. “We’ll have the zombie team start here and the humans over there.” Pointing to the next page, he continued, “And I found these squirt guns that will work perfectly.” Their game board and snack bowls had been pushed to the side. The group huddled around the card table, all trying to see the hand-drawn map of the University of Arizona’s campus. Conner had been meticulously planning a ministry outreach event through a zombie night. He seemed confident in his plan. “I think…

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So That Israel May Be Saved

November 5, 2021

Deep melodic Hebrew rings clearly in the room, the words of the prophet Jeremiah reaching every ear. A white canopy stretches overhead like a cloud, and underneath it a young man lifts his foot to stomp on a piece of cloth, crumpled on the floor. The glass carefully wrapped inside shatters with a thrilling pop, accompanied by a harmonized and joyous shout of “Mazel tov!” Rabbi Mottel Baleston has just officiated a Jewish wedding ceremony. The bride and groom are devout worshippers of Jesus Christ. Just like he is.  Mottel goes by Pastor/Rabbi. He understands the concern his brothers and…

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The Muslim Apologist Overwhelmed by Christian Love

October 19, 2021

Ahmed was born in 1969 in Alexandria, Egypt to a devout Muslim family. In college, he co-founded the Voice of America radio station fan club. After serving in the military, he began preparing to be a Muslim apologist. Because of his work with Voice of America, he was given a grant to come to Washington, D.C. Meeting Christians in America In D.C., Ahmed met three people in a car asking for directions. After speaking with them, they recognized his Egyptian accent and began to speak to him in Arabic. They were Middle Eastern Americans from Chicago, and they invited Ahmed…

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