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In 1992 Pastor Peter Yaruchyk, an advocate with Missions Door, had the vision to start the Christian Family Center to help a city in need—a city that had just come out of communism and was filled with people living in poverty.

Lera was only 13 years old when she came to the Christian Family Center. Her life was changed one cold morning when she found a nice red coat that had been donated to the center. The coat was three times her size, but she was thankful to have it for protection from the harsh winters.

After that morning, Lera started to attend Vacation Bible School, English classes and church at the Christian Family Center. Through these programs she learned about Jesus and came to faith in Christ.

Now Lera is an active member with her husband at New Life Church located in Donetsk and led by Pastor Alexander Moseychuk, a Missions Door missionary committed to continuing to serve his community with a holistic approach and to bringing people to Christ.

Lera has found hope and a fruitful life, thanks to Pastor Peter’s vision back in 1992 and Pastor Alexander’s ministry with Missions Door today.

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