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Palmatier, Aaron and Nancy

Ministry Location: United States
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College Ministry in Hermosillo, Mexico

Posted: February 10, 2022

“Highest paying jobs.” A young student in the University of Sonora Googles these words and presses enter on his keyboard. He didn’t even have to complete his thought – the phrase popped up immediately as he typed the words. A plethora of results appear on his screen. Anesthesiologist, general physician, OBGYN. All with salaries over…

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Others Helping You

Posted: August 16, 2018

Aaron’s Journal Entry: First night on the river Very dark now. We are traveling upriver by flashlight. We haven’t found the tribe yet but can’t stop because it’s too dangerous to sleep in the open jungle. Hoping to see tiki torches soon. Getting later and colder. Still no village. Hoping the flashlight batteries last. Getting later.…

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Our Team

  The Strategic and Leadership Team (SALT) provides general oversight of the total ministry and operation of Missions Door. Rick Miller President Provides overall leadership of the organization, with priority emphasis upon vision casting, team building, strategic direction and resource discovery. John Benza Vice President of Partner Relationships Provides leadership in the development and oversight…

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Eastern Sierra Nevada – Summer Missionary Intern Program

Every summer, there are hundreds of children and teens – many of whom have never heard the name of Jesus – who embark on a Vacation Bible School adventure in the Eastern Sierras of Nevada.  Larisa Craig and her team of interns work together to share Jesus with a new group of students every week. …

Haiti Pastor Training Fund

In Haiti, the majority of pastors have never had access to theological training due to lack of resources and education opportunities. Pastor Widmy Mervilus sees a different future for these Haitian pastors. He desires for them to be provided with new opportunities for the growth of their ministries. This project will offer the training and…

Mexico Ministries

Ministry in Mexico supports churches that are not able to support their national pastors. Funding also provides literature and Bibles to train new believers, equipment and musical instruments to help new churches communicate the Gospel in relevant ways, and transportation assistance for national leader training. Countries Served Mexico Ministry Areas Leadership Development Resourcing Indigenous Ministry Youth Ministry…

Pastors and Churches in Southeast Asia

This ministry meets the growing need for trained pastors, support for church planters, and small projects for developing communities in Southeast Asia. Countries Served Cambodia Ministry Areas Community and Economic Development Leadership Development Resourcing Indigenous Ministry Starting Churches Fund Oversight Missionary Aaron Palmatier